Friday, February 26, 2010

Best Paid To Click program

I actually love this site. There emails are worth $10 bucks each. You get anywhere from 6 to 17 emails a day and then you have 5 to 6 ads you can click as well..and they are all worth $10 bucks each. Once you reach $5,000 you can cash out. You need to wait 30 days for them to verify your account and once they do that money which goes up to $6,000 or even $7,000 goes into your paypal. You can even have them send it to you through western union. Here is a proof shot of my account and what I earned so far..It's a big picture so click on the link to see it: Click on the photo to see it enlarged. That's what I made as of today. By the time my 30 day period is up to cash out I'll have alot more. You can get your money faster by upgrading your account but it costs $199 to do that..I'll just wait the 30 days lol..You also get a $25 sign up bonus..

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