Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Happy New Years

Well I haven't updated in awhile and I hope everyone had a nice Christmas. The girls and I did. They got alot of presents and I got a $250 gift card to JCPenney and my sister got me a Coach bag that I've always wanted. The girls got to much for me to list everything. Anyways with New Years coming up I figured out my New Years resolution...I actually have two this year.

1. I need to lose weight. Seriously this has been said before but it is becoming a health issue. My back hurts A LOT. I can't stand for long and I can't even really play with Danielle alot. I need to sit with something behind my back almost every chance I get. So once Mike gets paid which will be tommorow I will be buying bottles of water, crystal light drink mix because I won't drink water plain. I'm also joining the gym here. It's only $30 bucks a month and Mike said it was ok so. My next resolution is....

2. If it doesn't make me happy or my kids happy then it ain't happen. You know the saying 'If momma ain't happy, no one is'. I'm sick of people taking advantage of me and making do shit that I do not want to do and then end up being unhappy and hating myself for letting it happen. So from now on if it doesn't make me or my kids happy and it does not benefit me or my kids in a positive way..It will never happen. My bitchy side will be showing alot now!! Anyways...bye!

Friday, December 19, 2008

Friday 5

What’s your favorite thing about the shoes you’re wearing (or the shoes you were most recently wearing)? They look cute with most of my outfits
What’s your favorite thing about the people you work with (or the people you go to school with)? I don't work and I don't go to school...I stay home with my two babies and I love this job...My favorite thing about them is that they are beautiful, sweet, fun and my little angels
What’s your favorite thing about the climate where you live? not a damn thing...I hate cold weather
What’s your favorite thing about Friday? My mom is off of work and I have another adult in the house to talk to
What’s your favorite thing about the year coming to an end?
A new year and a new start

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Plus Size Female?

UgggHHH I hate that I am now a plus size woman. I guess it happens when you have two kids back to back basically. I'm now a size 3x in shorts. Anything less is too tight on me and I'd like to breathe. My husband wants me to buy lingerie to wear for him when he comes home on leave. Nothing I found so far would fit. I need to find a lingerie site that has plus size clothes that look sexy as well.

Besides from that I haven't updated in a few days because my daughters are both sick. Well one is now..Alexandra has a stuffed nose and a slight cough. I have a humidifier in the room with them and she breathes better at night, which means we can all get some sleep. Oh does anyone watch The Bad Girls Club??? Isn't Sarah hot !!! Ya she is lol.

Sunday, December 14, 2008


Ok so my husband is deployed. He left back in July. So after a weeks being there I signed into his email real quick to look for a certain email and I found a pic of some girl he traded pics with. He denies it of course and then I talked to a girl in a chatroom that he spoke to and he denies that also. So tonight I figured I'd go in the chatroom and see if anyone recognized his screenname...Before I continue, I told Mike I was going to see if someone knew him in chatrooms to prove I wasn't crazy..He made mr promise not do it. So anyways I did it and a guy said ya I know that screenname he is in here all the time..Here is the rest of the convo....

Asoldierswife347: when was this
Asoldierswife347: and r u serious
service limits: I am serious.
service limits: I see him in there all the time.
Asoldierswife347: when was the last time
Asoldierswife347: he is in iraq right now and he has traded pics with some girl before but he denies it
service limits: I'm thinking a few days ago.....I would have to go look at my chat logs.
service limits: If he denies it, why don't you just believe him?
service limits: Are you checking his mail?
Asoldierswife347: no
Asoldierswife347: one girl told me they chatted but they talked about me and he denies its true
service limits: Who was the girl?
Asoldierswife347: was he really in here
Asoldierswife347: i dont remember it was months ago
service limits: YES. He was!
Asoldierswife347: around what times is he usually on if u remember
Asoldierswife347: he was hitting on some mgirl?
Asoldierswife347: girl
service limits: He was...it was later in the evening....I'm usually on here in the evenings.
Asoldierswife347: what was he saying to her
service limits: Just talking about his deployment and stuff.....and how he wishes there were more women there then the one's he has to hang out with.
Asoldierswife347: what he told me he doesnt have girls there
service limits: Not what he said here.... I don't know.....
service limits: You might as well just start cheating on him.....teach him a lesson.
Asoldierswife347: im not the cheating type
service limits: It's engrained in the human gene system.
service limits: Everyone is capable...and everyone is that type.
Asoldierswife347: we have two kids together
Asoldierswife347: i wouldnt do it
service limits: He's never said anything about being married or having kids.
Asoldierswife347: ya we got married nov 2006 and we have two kids
service limits: I'm sorry to hear that.
Asoldierswife347: has he said anything else about the girls over there in iraq
service limits: Just that he was bored with them.
Asoldierswife347: wow he told me there are girls there but not in his unti and he doesnt talk to them
service limits: Probably what I would have told you too
Asoldierswife347: thanx for your help

After that I wrote him an email showing him this conversation. He called me the next day and told me it wasn't him. So I went to talk to this guy again. Aol said there is no such screenname. So someone made up a screenname to fuck around with someone and got me. I'm the most gullible person you will ever meet so it was odd that he got me. I can't believe shit I hear or read anymore unless I see it with my own eyes.

Monday, December 8, 2008

My Daughters met Santa

Danielle could not get away fast enough lol

Blue Monday

Wanna participate? Click here.

A Thought

When my husband left for Iraq I signed onto his aol and saw he traded pics with sone girl. I asked him about it and he denied it. He said it wasn't him. He still denies it till this day and yes I ask him all the time. He said its stupid to get upset about because it wasn't him. Ok if it wasn't you wouldn't you want to know who it was then? It almost destroyed his marriage and it seems like he doesn't care. I'd want to know who it was unless of course it was him. I know it was him and I don't get why he still denies it. It makes me more mad that he is lying about it.

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Martinsville Xmas Parade '08

Every year for the past 6 yrs we won first place. This year we get second? WHAT!! Well next year we have to come harder and do better. Everyone copies us anyways. This years theme was Allstar Xmas. We did a disney allstar xmas.All disney characters we had to dress up as. Danielle was a fairy. I was ....I forgot who it was but it was from a Mickey Mouse movie..My stepfather and family own a tree business. They do landscaping and all that stuff. They decorate all the trucks and make floats. Pics are below from tonight.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

The Kisser

My new toy that I ordered:

The Kisser...It got 4 stars..Hey my husband is in Iraq..I need something lol..

Blog Banner

How the hell can I get a blog banner made? You know how some people have a banner linking to their blogs. How can I get one?

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Photo Post


I was reading an article about how divorce rate has increased in Army Marriages and it worried me. I know alot of military families are struggling because of the deployments they go through. Some people can not handle being away from a loved one for so long. I am one of those people but I'm dealing with it. I do have mood swings that I need to try and control. My husband is annoyed because everytime he calls I'm yelling at him for something stupid. Deployments are extremely stressful but I have to remember he isn't having a grand old time. I hate that he isn't here for Christmas. Danielle asks for him every morning. It's hard to explain to an 18 month old where daddy is and that he is coming home soon. I swear sometimes I hate the Army Life.