Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Happy New Years

Well I haven't updated in awhile and I hope everyone had a nice Christmas. The girls and I did. They got alot of presents and I got a $250 gift card to JCPenney and my sister got me a Coach bag that I've always wanted. The girls got to much for me to list everything. Anyways with New Years coming up I figured out my New Years resolution...I actually have two this year.

1. I need to lose weight. Seriously this has been said before but it is becoming a health issue. My back hurts A LOT. I can't stand for long and I can't even really play with Danielle alot. I need to sit with something behind my back almost every chance I get. So once Mike gets paid which will be tommorow I will be buying bottles of water, crystal light drink mix because I won't drink water plain. I'm also joining the gym here. It's only $30 bucks a month and Mike said it was ok so. My next resolution is....

2. If it doesn't make me happy or my kids happy then it ain't happen. You know the saying 'If momma ain't happy, no one is'. I'm sick of people taking advantage of me and making do shit that I do not want to do and then end up being unhappy and hating myself for letting it happen. So from now on if it doesn't make me or my kids happy and it does not benefit me or my kids in a positive way..It will never happen. My bitchy side will be showing alot now!! Anyways...bye!

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Barefoot Military Mommies said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE COACH! Show us your bag!!