Sunday, December 14, 2008


Ok so my husband is deployed. He left back in July. So after a weeks being there I signed into his email real quick to look for a certain email and I found a pic of some girl he traded pics with. He denies it of course and then I talked to a girl in a chatroom that he spoke to and he denies that also. So tonight I figured I'd go in the chatroom and see if anyone recognized his screenname...Before I continue, I told Mike I was going to see if someone knew him in chatrooms to prove I wasn't crazy..He made mr promise not do it. So anyways I did it and a guy said ya I know that screenname he is in here all the time..Here is the rest of the convo....

Asoldierswife347: when was this
Asoldierswife347: and r u serious
service limits: I am serious.
service limits: I see him in there all the time.
Asoldierswife347: when was the last time
Asoldierswife347: he is in iraq right now and he has traded pics with some girl before but he denies it
service limits: I'm thinking a few days ago.....I would have to go look at my chat logs.
service limits: If he denies it, why don't you just believe him?
service limits: Are you checking his mail?
Asoldierswife347: no
Asoldierswife347: one girl told me they chatted but they talked about me and he denies its true
service limits: Who was the girl?
Asoldierswife347: was he really in here
Asoldierswife347: i dont remember it was months ago
service limits: YES. He was!
Asoldierswife347: around what times is he usually on if u remember
Asoldierswife347: he was hitting on some mgirl?
Asoldierswife347: girl
service limits: He was later in the evening....I'm usually on here in the evenings.
Asoldierswife347: what was he saying to her
service limits: Just talking about his deployment and stuff.....and how he wishes there were more women there then the one's he has to hang out with.
Asoldierswife347: what he told me he doesnt have girls there
service limits: Not what he said here.... I don't know.....
service limits: You might as well just start cheating on him.....teach him a lesson.
Asoldierswife347: im not the cheating type
service limits: It's engrained in the human gene system.
service limits: Everyone is capable...and everyone is that type.
Asoldierswife347: we have two kids together
Asoldierswife347: i wouldnt do it
service limits: He's never said anything about being married or having kids.
Asoldierswife347: ya we got married nov 2006 and we have two kids
service limits: I'm sorry to hear that.
Asoldierswife347: has he said anything else about the girls over there in iraq
service limits: Just that he was bored with them.
Asoldierswife347: wow he told me there are girls there but not in his unti and he doesnt talk to them
service limits: Probably what I would have told you too
Asoldierswife347: thanx for your help

After that I wrote him an email showing him this conversation. He called me the next day and told me it wasn't him. So I went to talk to this guy again. Aol said there is no such screenname. So someone made up a screenname to fuck around with someone and got me. I'm the most gullible person you will ever meet so it was odd that he got me. I can't believe shit I hear or read anymore unless I see it with my own eyes.

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