Monday, February 8, 2010

Internet Horror Story

This story changed my life actually. My ex and I were dating for 4 years. My family moved to Virginia and we decided to stay together through this and have a long distance relationship. We were chatting online one night when he said he had a very important question to ask me. I said OK what is it. He asked me to marry him. I know online but he said he was asking me now and then he was going to ask me again in a more romantic way when I went to visit him in NY. Right after he asked me my internet froze. I kept trying to type and it kept saying not responding. So I had to wait for the page to come back on so I can answer him. Finally after a few minutes it came back on and I type in all caps yes. It said he signed off. He didn't come back online for a few days and I sent him a message asking him what happened. He said he was sorry for asking me that and he thought I felt differently about him. Apparently he thought I signed off after he asked me. So now of course a few days later we broke up and he met someone else. I always wondered where my life would have went if things were different that night. But  guess things happen for a reason. Ever have something bad happen to you because of your horrible internet service. If so check this site out:  wild blue high speed internet. They off internet service through satellite from anywhere in the US. They have a special right now for $39 activation fee plus shipping and handling. Check them out now so you can avoid an internet horror story like mine.

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Lucy said...

Im sorry this happened but if he moved on within a few days then it makes me wonder how genuine his feelings were. Maybe its best your computer froze. I hope I read that right.