Monday, February 15, 2010

New Plan

I was going to get a Wii system but my town appears to be out of them. I called Gameking and they told me that during Christmas time Walmart bought all of the wii systesm from nintendo leaving them with nothing. So now everyone in the small towns like mine are out of nintendo stuff for a long time. They are only delivering to major cities right now. That sucks!! The one thing I wanted to get was the wii fit plus to help me with my weight loss..Well good thing I watch alot of tv because I came across this:

It looks like alot of fun. I can lose weight, learn how to dance and even put on a show for my hubby. I ordered the program and as soon as I get it I'm starting it. I'm taking before and after photos of myself and tracking my progress here. Well the hubby is home...I'll write more later..=)

If you want to purchase this video here is the link:

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Maureen Lee said...

Good luck with your fitness plan - it looks wonderful, and fun! It's so difficult to stay motivated, & I've found that unless I'm having a lot of fun, I eventually lose interest and stop working out. I'm from TwitterMoms and am now following you. My blog is Just Show Up, :)