Sunday, February 21, 2010

31 Reasons You Shouldn't Feel Mom Guilt

I found this article before and thought it was interesting. So I'm sharing it with you guys..

SURE, YOU COULD ALWAYS BE MORE ORGANIZED, MORE CHEERFUL, more on top of every little detail. But you're not a Mombot, thank goodness, and no one (except, perhaps, you!) expects you to be. Below, we've rounded up 31 things among hundreds that you can give yourself leeway to do -- without the burden of even one ounce of stress.
1 Taking a vacation with only your husband. It's such a tragedy for the kids to spend time with their superindulgent grandparents! Besides, they'll benefit from you two not giving each other the stink eye during dinner.
2 Feeling smug that you're a better parent than those on Supernanny. No worries. We all feel smug watching Supernanny. Until we don't, at which time we employ her techniques.
3 Not signing up to be class parent. Think of it this way: Your ability to say no to volunteer tasks you can't handle will leave you better able to concentrate on what only you can do, like getting your kids fed, dressed, and onto the bus. Some days, that's huge!
4 Yelling at your son when he actually didn't do anything wrong. Sure, not a great move, but it's a good opportunity to show him that even you screw up sometimes, and that saying sorry really does help make it better.
5 Enjoying your work. You can love your kids and still have that "Thank God It's Monday" feeling, well, every Monday. Especially after a long and dreary winter weekend.
6 Buying your daughter the generic UGGs. She'll live without the label, even if she thinks she will not, and her tootsies will be just as toasty.

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