Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Weight Loss Goals

My health is being affected by my weight now so no more games. This weight loss is serious and changes need to be made. My #1 weakness is soda. I always have a soda with me and it needs to stop. My stomach hurts on a constant basis due to all the soda I drink. I lost a few of my teeth due to rottening because of the soda. I have no energy at all either. My goal for this week is NO MORE SODA! Water, Water, and more water..I'm going to buy dr. pepper diet in case I really need a soda. I've tried it before and it tastes pretty good so I'll buy a case of it tonight. I'm also starting the special K challange. There stuff is good. I've done this before actually. I'll keep everyone updated and tonight I will be taking before photos.

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