Monday, February 15, 2010

Discipline, Mom Up

I found this on a girls blog and i thought I'd share it..

A friend recently posted on her blog about having to ground her daughter for the first time and as I read it all I could think was, “Good for her! Finally, a parent actually parenting!” And then I started thinking about all the times I have heard people say things like, “I would love to give little Johnny a time out but he just gets up and runs off and I just can’t keep chasing him.” Or there is, “Little Susie just doesn’t listen to me at all. I can’t control her.” And the best one, “I just want to be her friend. If I constantly tell her what to do she will hate me.”

A you freaking kidding me!?! I just want to grab these women and scream, “MOM UP!” at the top of my lungs right in there wimpy, pathetic, non-parenting faces!

We have a job, ladies, a job. We were not given children so that we could sit around and let them do whatever it is they want. We were not given children so we could be their buddies, pals, or best friends. Parenting is not always about being popular. Parenting is about training up our children. It is about creating responsible human beings who won’t become leaches off society. It is about raising men and women, not pansies!

Sometimes as a parent you are just going to have to get your Super Nanny on! If little Johnny won’t stay put in time out then you may just have to place his butt right back in that naughty spot over and over and over again. And if it takes three hours then it takes three hours. Yes, it will suck. Yes, it will be hard. And yes, you will hear lots of horrible stuff come out of your precious little darling (like “you suck”, and “you are mean”, and even “I hate you”) but in the end if you follow through little Johnny will indeed cave and realize that you mean business.

What’s that? You think your precious Susie is too old for a time out? Then pull out your inner Dr. Phil and find Susie’s currency! What makes her tick? What is it that she craves to do or play with everyday? Find it and use it! You are not her mother so you can play nice all the time – if she is being a brat and misbehaving then mom up and discipline her! Take the toys away, take the TV away, take the video games away, take the phone away – whatever it is that works to get her attention – mom up and do it!

It will be hard – no one ever said parenting would be easy, but in the end you will be so blessed! In the end you will have kids who respect your authority and who respect themselves.

You will be teaching them. Teaching them is much more important than enabling sorry behavior.

Yes, every parent dreams of being the cool one. Every parent dreams of being the best friend of their kid forever. But that just isn’t reality. In reality, every parent needs to parent because when they don’t… Seriously, do I need to paint a picture of when they don’t? Look on the news for crying out loud!

Mom up, ladies! Do your job! Don’t make excuses! God didn’t give you those kids so you could sit idly by and let the devil take over – God gave them to you for a reason, to fulfill His plan and the only way it can be done is if you train them up right.

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I so need to take this advice..Danielle is out of control and gets away with everything...Not anymore!!


Anonymous said...

Great post! I wish more moms were like you. I am tired of parents, when their child does something wrong at school, asking what is wrong with the teacher rather than looking at their own lack of parenting skills.

Mom Up!

Organize Your Life said...

I agree too. We need to raise children who know boundaries and have respect or they will grown up to be selfish monsters.

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