Friday, March 5, 2010


Wow sorry I haven't updated in a long time. I've been meaning to, honestly I have but I get so busy lately. Between school work and trying to get my daughters to behave and cleaning the house..Being a stay at home mom and a housewife really has it's toll.. Anyways Mike and I got into a fight on Valentines day because he paid one of his mothers bills. Why can't this woman get a job and stop asking us for money? Doesn't she see we have two daughters to take care of and only one income coming in? She pisses me off!! Anyways..nothing else really happened..Nothing special anyways..I just wanted to stop in and let everyone know I'm still around. =)

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Lanita said...

It's too bad you can't pick a mother-in-law like you pick a husband. "Nope, that on doesn't do it for me. I think I'll keep looking." Purely luck of the draw.