Wednesday, December 9, 2009

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With Love Wednesday

This weeks topic is FAMILIES.

I have a big family but right now it is just Mike, the kids and I. I try to get everyone do things as a family but it doesn't always work that way. Mike lays on the couch when he is home and watches tv all day while I tend to the kids. I take them to the park when it's nice out and sit and eat with them at breakfast,lunch and sometimes dinner. Mike usually sits with us at dinner but that is about it. Here are some photos of us..

Mike and Alex when she was 11 months old.

Mike,Alex and Danielle

Mike and Danielle

Mike and Alexandra before he went back to Iraq

Danielle and I last year.

Alexandra and I

Isn't it sad I have no pictures of all four of us together? I'll have to work on that somehow.


Brandy said...

Great photos!!

Jona said...

it's ok! you'll have lots of chances for family pictures, i'm sure =D

thank you a bunch for joining. hope to see more of you here ;)

With Love Wednesday

Jenn said...

Great pics,that's the first base my husband ever lived on.