Sunday, December 27, 2009

Christmas Photos

Christmas wasn't to bad. Wendsday was awful though. We got 2 inches of snow and the roads were closed and everything. This means no mail. I was waiting for a $300 giftcard my stepfather sent for the girls. We still have not gotten it yet. Hopefully tommorow so I can go and buy them clothes and whatever else. I got from Mike a pair of diamond earrings, and this necklace:

It's so nice. I love it. Pics of the girls are below..




JaelCustomDesigns said...

The necklace is lovely! Looks like the girls had a great Christmas. The snow looks so pretty!

Popping in from MBC, (FFF Club)!
Now following you.

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TriNi said...

hey there! awesome pics :) and adorable kids..

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