Sunday, December 6, 2009

The New MeMe

Wow I am so sorry I wasn't on saturday to start my new meme. So much shit happened that day and well this weekend sucked. First of all Wendsday I brought my daughters to daycare to get a few hours to myself. They had posted on the wall a moms night out. I asked about it and they were hosting it a church so I had to call and reserve a spot for them. I got home and called and added them to the list. It was a church on 82nd street. So Saturday came and around noon I fed them lunch,gave them baths and usually they have naps after thier lunch but that day I kept them awake for the party. I called it a party because they were having fun and games for them to keep them occupied and my daughters hate going to daycare. They are wayyyy to attached to me. Anyways we left the house at 2 and drove up to 82nd street which only took 15 what we are early I thought. The directions the lady gave me was to drive all the way down cache rd. and make a left on 82nd street and the church was on the left...easy enough right...WRONG!! There were only 3 churches on 82nd street and none of them knew what the hell I was talking about.So long story short we ended up coming home and not getting any time to myself at all. They didn't nap or anything. They didn't nap today either. But anyways that is why I didn't post the new meme. I will do now though...So get ready for it.......

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