Friday, November 14, 2008


Mike gets 1300 the 1st and 15th of every month. This month he bought a new laptop because his old one crashed. We now have 780.oo until the 1st which is fine. I have to buy diapers and have the brakes in the car fixed and get an oil change and get xmas presents. His mom had the nerve to write him an email asking to borrrow $500 to hae a wisdom tooth taken out..Is she serious? She is about 45 yrs old, never held a job in her life for long at all. We have two kids to take care and struggle with 1300 twice a month. Ok we don't have any bills right now but still..If he gives her this money that leaves me with a little over 200 until he gets paid again so after paying everything for the car and diapers, there will be no money left for xmas. Fuck that!She is not doing that to my kids. Plus the fact she has all false teeth..How the hell is she getting a wisdom tooth. This woman drives me insane..He better not give her any money otherwise it will be over. His kids come first and xmas is approaching..

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