Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Wednesday Mind Hump - November 12th

1. What's your least favorite fruit? Apples..They aren't that great..I don't think anyways
2. Middle initial? E
3. Favorite room of your home, and why? Right now itss the den..I'm staying with my mom and she has a den kind of connecting to the kitchen..That's where I watch tv and go online at night when my daughters are sleeping
4. Would you line dry your clothes if you had the option, instead of machine drying them? (Not talking about a drying rack, but an actual outside clothesline) Oh no...I need an actual dryer..I'm sure my clothes would get all wrinkly on a clothes line
5. You're working on a craft project with kids. Glue stick or liquid glue? Either one...maybe stick because it wouldn't make a mess
6. Do you think your handwriting fits your personality? handwriting is neat and no one can read it..I'm a neat freak and alot of people have said they can't understand me.

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