Monday, November 17, 2008

What a pyscho

Well you all know my husband is deployed..When he deployed I was 8 months pregnant. I went back to NY because his mom said I can stay with her until he came home or I went to stay with my mom...whichever came first..Well she has a violent drunk boyfriend who lives there also. It is actually his apartment. Well one night we were packing to go somewhere and I dumped his alcohol down the make a long story short he threw me and my 2 daughters out..We are now in VA and I got a call from my husbands grandma telling me that Mikes mom said I wasn't supposed to stay with her long at all. The plan was I was supposed to get a job right away and get an apartment...UHHHH YA NO!!!That's not what I was told even so who the hell is going to hire an 8 month pregnant woman..This woman is on my last nerve right now..I can't deal with her..She is becoming Monster In Law!!

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