Saturday, November 22, 2008

Jealous or not??

Well he brought this all upon himself. When we got married and moved down to OK I was 4 months pregnant at the time. I was on his laptop and found sex sites he signed up for. Of course he swears up and down it wasn't him. Ok so a year goes by and I'm pregnant again with Alexandra..This happened before a month after he went to Iraq. I went to the library because we didn't have internet access at the time. I went online at the library and checked his email and found out that he traded pics with some girl. She had just sent him her pic 5 minutes before I signed on. Of course once again swears up and down it wasn't him. now I watch everything he does..I check his email, i check his myspace, facebook and whatever else he has..He also told me he bought a new laptop but he refuses to send me his old one. Now I think he is hiding something and now I really want that laptop. Am I just being a jealous bitch and let it go or do you think I have reason to be?

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Amber said...

You do what needs to be done to make you feel secure in the relationship. if he loves you and he has nothing to hide he will step back and let you do what you need to do. If he blocks your way at every turn, then yes, he has something to hide. Plain and simple...been there before.