Thursday, November 19, 2009


I can't fucking believe how much of a fight my 2 yr old puts up around nap time and bed time. Do you think I'm putting her to bed to early? She normally gets up around 7 730 am and naps around 12 1230. Then bed time is usually 7 730. Do you think I should change it? I haven't showered in 3 days because of these kids. Gross I know. We also have no money once again and not enough food in the house. We have a turkey for thanksgiving but nothing else. So no cranberry sauce, no stuffing, no mashed potatos..Well we do have brown rice and dirty rice. That's it. Soon we won't have anything to drink but milk and water. My husband doesn't get paid again until the 1st. God I hate the military and I hate not having any food..Lord only knows what I'll feed the girls for lunch and breakfast tommorow. I do have $5 so I'll run to walmart and see what I can buy for $5.

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