Monday, November 9, 2009

Family Child Care

I took my daughters to the park this morning and after playing for like 20 minutes some lady comes over with 4 kids. She asks me if I had childcare for my daughters, I told her no. She said i could have my own daycare in my home while watching my daughters also. She said the military runs this family day care and I can be an FAA. She said she gets 1700 every 2 weeks for watching 4 kids. She gets $300 for food and $100 for each child from the military plus $250 from each parent. You are required to take a class for a week and in during that time the military pays someone else to watch your daughters. I would probably take 2 more 2 yr olds and one 18 month old. Thats awesome, an extra $1700 every two weeks. We can really use the money with Christmas coming and everything. I have to call them and look into it. They also supply extra cribs and changing tables if I need them. I definitly have to call and get more info.

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