Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Hey everyone

Yesterday started my weight loss journey. I use this program on my ipod called loseit. I put in what I ate for each meal and it tells me the calories and how many I have left for the day. I can even track my exercise as well. Yesterday I did 10 minutes running up and down my stairs (I know ghetto but we need to work with what we have, right?) and I burned 300 calories doing that. I also walked on the treadmill at the gym last night for an hour on speed 3 and on a 4 incline and burned off 600 calories. I can even have some cookies and stuff as long as I don't over do it. It tells me exactly how many I can have without going over my calorie count for the day. This is my second day without soda and I'm doing good... Here are some Stats and a before photo...

Current Weight: 215
Weight Lost: This will be updated every Sunday as of right now nothing
Goal: 140

Before photos

They are so bad...God I cant wait for this weight to be gone.


Ashley said...

I am working on losing weight too :) G'luck. I dont' yet have it set up yet LOL I have been slightly busy.

Melissa said...

I have a friend that used that app, and he was totally able to reach his goal, just by tracking his food and calorie moderation. Good luck!

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