Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Are you a mom-to-be or already a parent?

Check out BabiesOnline. 
This site gives you a huge selection of freebies for you and the baby. They also have a bunch of other great offers as well. Check them out!

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Jenni said...

Sorry to leave this as a comment, but wasn't sure how to reach you... I have a few opportunities and am looking for some bloggers to help (with benefits to you of course!)... please respond if you want to partner in one of these ways (or have another idea!)...

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This is a new course but the other courses I've put together have been very popular...one I'm selling over 500 per month. Just so you know that I know what I'm doing and provide real courses of value.

Please contact me, I'd like to get this rolling as soon as possible since my site just launched a few weeks ago

Thanks! :)