Monday, April 5, 2010


How was everyones Easter? Mine wasn't to bad. We had a nice ham for dinner. My daughters had a blast looking for eggs. It was cute. Danielle got fake jewelry in her basket and I took pics of her wearing all of it. She also got her first scraped knee running outside. She acted like it was the end of the world. Pics are below. Also I'm so pissed off to find out that one paid to click sites I was on is a scam. I earned close to $10,000 and they said once I reach $5,000 I can cash out after 30 days. Well my 30 days is up April 8th but I did research on them and found out they are a scam. So I doubt I'm getting my $10,000 the 8th. But you know what I'll let you if by some small chance I do. Anyways here are the pics:

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WolfeFamily said...

wow, she is so adorable!