Thursday, September 24, 2009


So a few times I found chewing tobacco in Mikes jackets. He says he is holding it for his friends. Ya ok!! I guess I look like an idiot or something. So just now he says he is going in the bathroom to shower and do whatever and not to come up because he will be back down soon. Ok so I wait and after a few minutes I go up and lay on the floor by the bathroom door and look in. The way it's setup is theres enough space between the bottom of the bathroom door and floor to see whats going on if you lean your head the right way. Well I saw him pick up the cup next to him on the floor and spit into it a few times. He then stood up spit into the toilet and flushed it. I know he is hiding it somewhere in the bathroom or our closet. Our walk in closet is off of the bathroom. I can't find it though. I'm not sure if I should say something because he knows how much I hate him doing that. I didn't want to marry a smoker or someone who does any kind of tobacco product. I'm real pissed right now!


Rosie said...

I know all about that. My husband used to do it work and i'd ask him when he got him if he was doing and he'd say no. I then ask why is it in you teeth? They act as if its not a big deal but its nasty. The way i knew he was doing it from then on was him going right into to the bathroom and brushing his teeth. I know he stopped and did in iraq off and on, but now we have kids and he wont dare bring that stuff around here. hasn't done that stuff in 2 years. He'll be going back to iraq and in 2 months and im hoping he don't pick up smoking or dipping again. said...

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