Thursday, September 3, 2009


We left NY June 25th. Mike was due to get home June 28th. t took us 2 1/2 days to drive down to Oklahoma. We get to Oklahoma an the rooms we reserved on base we couldn't check into them until 3 the next afternoon. We got into OK at 3 in the morning. So what the hell were we supposed to do until 3 the next day? We fucking slept in the car!! Me, My MIL, my SIL, and my two daughters...Danielle is 2 and Alexandra was 10 months old at the time. We slept in the car..I felt so ghetto.I honestly would not have cared so much if I didn't have kids. But I felt like a horrible mom that we had to sleep in the car. Anyways Mike came home and everything was fine. We got back to NY in one peice also. We spent 30 days in NY and then we had to leave for the drive back down to OK once again. This time he reenlisted so I will not have to drive back to NY until 2011. I wish I could stay here though. I love my house on base and it's quiet here. below from NY, and other random crap...

My husband and Danielle

Alexandra playing in the backyard

Mike and Alexandra


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