Thursday, July 8, 2010

Friday Frustrations

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Right now I am so frustrated about a few things. The first one being my weight. I weigh 212 and for my height I'm supposed to weigh 145. I am in the obese category so ya I need to lose weight. I can not seem to put the damn soda down. It is actually starting to piss me off. Before I die I would love to weigh 145 and have a lean sexy body and wear a bikini just once to the beach. The second thing frustrating me is my husband. I told you I have jealousy issues well it is still pissing me off that he talks to this girl at work. She tried to add him to her facebook. Why am I the only one who believes that married people can not talk to the opposite sex? I believe that's cheating. I don't know where it came from but I honestly believe it. 

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Mama Nut said...

Hey there! I totally understand your frustrations! When I was super heavy, women would pick up on my husband right in front of me, and sometimes they would throw me the look "why would he want YOU when he can have ME" errrkk!

I still have about 30 pounds to lose but me confidence is so much better! Now I shoot them the look "why would he even look twice at YOU when he has a babe like ME on his arm you loser" :)

My husband said that it doesn't matter what size I am, that it is my confidence in myself that makes the difference in his eyes.

Hope you're feeling better soon! And congrats for reaching your 120 plus goal!!!