Monday, June 7, 2010


Well I made it!! I survived 4 planes. The first one was a little bumpy and my daughter Danielle had her own seat. When I buckled her in she got all excited and said this is going to be fun, lol. She is too cute.

The second plane was smooth and it was actually cool flying into NY at night with the lights and all..I wonder if I would have been able to see the World Trade Center lit up. Probably would have been able to..

Well my vacation sucked!!! My mother in law is an ASSHOLE!!! She told Mike and I to leave the double stroller here because she has a stroller so it is less for us to carry. She also told us she has her own car now and we were going to the zoo and to adventureland. For those not in NY adventureland is a mini great adventure. It's a cute place with some cool rides and a lot of things for kids to do. So ya she had a stroller all right. She babysits for the lady downstairs and she had the babies stroller for one baby. So I'm supposed to use another babies stroller??? I had to go and buy one and just a single one...Danielle walked everywhere and ran away every chance she got. I was basically chasing her around my whole trip. Oh ya and no adventureland or zoo, we sat in the house most of the time..Oh no wait I sat in the house most of the time...Mike went out a few times..It was like being at home. I'm so glad to be are the photos I got..There are a lot of them.

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