Thursday, June 10, 2010

This is so sad

Has anyone heard the story about the 5 month old baby that died because 911 never answered the mothers calls for help? If you haven't yet the story is here:

The mother woke up and her 5 month old daughter wasn't breathing. She called 911 6 times and kept getting an answering machine. The mother is pleading and begging for someone to come and help her because her daughter wasn't breathing. The cops finally showed up 30 minutes later and the baby was dead..This is an extremely sad story.

What is bothering me is why God takes babies away? I don't mean the mothers that kill their children, they are another story. I mean why does God bless people with babies and then a few months later they die of sudden infant death syndrome or some other natural causes. It's very sad. Why put people through this? I don't get it!!


Writing Womb said...

i don't get it either! that's a sad story for sure.

Liz said...

That is completely terrible :(
and I dont understand why tragedys happen to little babies either, I guess its something ill never understand.

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