Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Venting...Once again

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I am so annoyed lately. Since Wendsday morning I keep waking up with chest pains. A few hours it goes away but when I get aggravated or annoyed at something it starts to feel like someone is sitting on my chest and it doesn't stop until I calm down again.

There are so many things that are starting to get to me and I do not know how to deal with them. I've felt stress before but this is beyond anything I ever dealt with. I have a husband who doesn't spend any time with me and who believes that everything is his. The house is his, the tv is his, the car is his, sometimes our daughters are just his. This 'mine mentality' is pissing me off. He says since he works for it and pays for it it belongs to him. Nothing is ours!! I always thought when you got married everything is splt 50/50. So what's his is also mine and vice versa. Well no not when you are married to Mike.  Everything is just his and his mom. His mom is on my nerves right now also.

This video I posted on multiply the other night:
She calls my husband at 10:30 at night (normally a time you call people when someone died or if something is wrong). She yells at him because she watched the video and wants to know why the house is a mess. Ok first of all don't yell at Mike who does no cleaning to begin with. Call here and yell at me! I clean the whole house while Mike keeps the couch warm. Second of all I believe the most important rooms in a house to keep clean are the bathroom and kitchen. They are very clean. In the video we are upstairs. The girls bathroom, their bedroom, the playroom, our room and our bathroom are upstairs. The playroom isn't spotless but its clean. Ya there are toys on the floor because they play in there. There room is a little messy excuse me! But yet again the bathrooms upstairs are spotless. She also offered to help us out by paying our phonebill every month. We don't even get the bill. It goes right to her house in NY. I tried to make an appointment before with the doctor about my chest pains and guess what?? Yep the phone is off!! Which means she didn't pay the phone bill again. Every month it gets turned off at least once because she never pays it. Mike is going into the field for a week sunday afternoon and isn't returning home until friday night. What if something happens and I need a phone? I'm done with her! When Mike comes home I'm telling him to call our cable company and get phone service with them.  PPPHHHEWWW I feel a little better now. =)

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The Undomestic Army Wife said...

The video didn't come through for me but I don't see how it is anyones business but your own.

As for your husband, he needs to get over that mentality. Doesn't he know everything belongs to woman, we just like to let them think it belongs to them! :)