Monday, January 11, 2010

This makes me very sad

They said on Nancy Grace that she killed her 8 month old son, put him in the diaper bag and threw him in the trash..I swear I don't get what is wrong with woman today. Everyday you read about another baby missing or killed and it's always usually the mother. Why have the baby if your only going to get rid of it or kill it? There is adoption you know. I swear if my daughters ever get pregnant at a young age and tell me they don't want the baby I will not make them have it. This is usually the result of that. Casey Anthony told her mother she didn't want the baby now look...the little girl is dead now. We need to do something and help prevent this. It happens to often lately. He is a cute baby boy. I can't believe that little bitch killed him!!

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Sara said...

That is so sad, I dont know what these women have in there head when they think that they should kill there child, so sad and it makes me so angry