Thursday, January 29, 2009

Get paid to blog

Get Paid Blogging Pictures, Images and Photos

I recently joined this new site called PayingPost. It is a blog advertising site that gives you certain topics to write about and they pay you for it. You select the topics that interest you and follow the simple steps and get paid. Each day different topics are posted and you write about whichever ones interest you. This site also has articles now and then about certain topics such as this one: Will bloggers suffer from the Global Economic Crisis?.

Blog advertisment is great for those who want more traffic to their site. It helps promote your site and get more visitors. PayingPost website also has a very catchy layout. It is not boring like most sites. I prefer this site over other blogging sites because they have interesting topics that most people would enjoy. They have a variety of topics to choose from and articles as well. They also have this thing called PayingPostDirect where companys can hire you directly to blog about them. All you do is place this banner on your site and let them find you. I like the idea of that. This way if you do not have time to check their site for open opportunities the company can just contact you directly.

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Amber said...

Interesting, I'll be sure to check them out as my Mr is always heckling me to make some money off my blogging, lol. He figures if I spend so much time writing in it I should be getting paid.

Anonymous said...
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