Tuesday, August 24, 2010

I Hate Liars!!

I'll admit back when I was younger and all through high school I was a big liar. I lied so much I was pretty good at it. But as I got older and more mature I stopped lying and started despising liars. I hate liars with a passion and being an ex liar I can spot a lie and a liar real quick. So Friday night I picked up Mike from work. He tells me Saturday night he has to pull duty for a few hours. No big deal it's the Army so they do this all the time. So Saturday night comes around and 8 PM he starts showering and getting ready. He comes downstairs in civilian clothes. He does not have his Army uniform on. Now anyone who is in the military knows that you can not pull duty in civilian clothes. He swears up and down they are letting him for whatever reason. Ok, fine..So 11 pm I call him to see what time he is coming home so I can see if I should go to sleep or wait up for him. The phone rings and then someone picks up (so I thought..found out the next day his phone was in his pocket and something must hit it and answered it for him) I hear loud music in the background and people cheering and talking and having a good time. So I'm like what the fuck!! I called him again and the same thing happens like 3 times. The fourth time I call he answers and its dead quiet in the background. So I ask where are you? He says he is at work..I said I called and told him what I heard. He said he never answered the phone but like I said before something in his pocket did or whatever.. So I said OK I'm going to lay down. Next day I went to use his cellphone and saw he searched for local bars in the area. I confronted him and found out he never went to work, he went out with some guys from work. So I am pretty pissed off. I don't get why men think it's ok to lie to your wife.

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