Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Writers Block

Anyone use Livejournal? Well it's a journal site. On the main page it asks a question everyday that people can answer in their journals. I am going to answer them from now on but on here. So here is todays question...

If you were given a life do-over card, would you keep it or give it to a friend? If you kept it, would you prefer to be born to the same or different parents? Would you want to keep your memories?

I would definitly keep it. My life could really use it. I would of course keep my parents except I would try my hardest to still have my father in my life at 31 instead of losing him to a drunk driver when I was 10. I would have done better in school and went to college. I would have kept a job instead of jumping from job to job. I would have been better to my boyfriends. I treated them all like shit basically. I also would have stayed away from Ritchy. Ritchy is a guy I dated for 5 yrs that totally screwed up my life in every way possible. I would love to keep all my memories of my daughters and my husband. All the memories I've had since 2005 I would like to keep.

I would love to read your answers if you post this on your blog. Comment with the link so I can read them.

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