Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Weight Update

This past week has been a major disappointment. I did lose a pound though without even trying. I joined Cat's 150 mile challange for the summer. I have to post a button on here somewhere so you guys can check it out. It's a challange that she is having that we can walk 150 miles during the summer. She has a few sponsors so we can get a prize if we win. I've also been extremely nervous about flying to NY. I hate flying. Planes scare the living shit out of me. Don't laugh but the movie Final Destination is what made me scared of flying. 9/11 didn't help much either actually but the movie is what originally did it. I know it seems stupid but how do you know thats not what really happens on the plane before something happens. Scary shit! Anyways,,I have to clean now.

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