Thursday, January 27, 2011

Get a free $20 amazon gift card

Visit  It's Thougtful and spread the word about thier Valentines Day contest to win $500. Just for telling 15 friends you get a $20 amazon gift card.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011


I have had this gym membership since Friday and I've only been to the gym once. This is because I got a stomach virus. Perfect timing!!! I actually feel better now so tomorrow my diet is in full swing. I was told to take a photo of an outfit I want to fit into for motivational purposes..Here it is:

That shirt is a size large and my boobs laugh at the thought of fitting into it right now lol..It is sooo tight on me and my fat hangs all over. I really want to wear this outfit home and show everyone how hot I know I can be and how tough I can be..I'll tell you right now I've always been a very tough girl...I'm from New York and us New York females don't take shit. But lately I've been soft and not speaking my mind and letting others walk all over me. This is because of my low self esteem. So now I'm gaining my life back and I'm going to be the one walking all over them..=)

Friday, January 14, 2011


Today is the day I get my gym membership and from here on there are no more excuses. I want my moment that those people on the biggest loser get when there families see them after they lost all the weight. I have until the end of June to lose 80 lbs. Can I do it? We shall see....

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Free Games On Swagbucks

Many of you already know about Swagbucks. If not then I'll explain what it is. Swagbucks is a site that you can search from that gives you swagbucks you can earn towards free stuff. I had already received $50 worth of amazon gift cards. You can also earn swagbucks by watching videos on the site, shopping, filling out offers and even trading in old electronics that you no longer want. Well now they have a new way to earn swagbucks...playing free games!!! The games section was in beta testing mode until tommorow actually. It will be released tommorow for everyone to play and earn swagbucks. The games are free of course and you can earn anywhere from 1 to 5 swagbucks but if you wish for more swagbucks you can enter a tournament. These tournaments costs swagbucks but if you win you get a lot of swagbucks. Remember if you are already a member of swagbucks check it out tommorow when it launches. If you are not a member hurry up and join and I believe they are giving a free 30 swagbucks to all new members.

Click this link: Free Games to take you right to the game page. Also new members that sign up use the code SBGames to get an additional 30 swagbucks on top of the 30 for joining. 

Friday, January 7, 2011

Ask me anything

Would you rather be a zombie or a mummy?


Ask me anything


Brandcaster is a site that pays you to post coupons. They work with and you put a banner on your page that shows coupons and you get paid when someone clicks on it..Check it out now;

11 Things every woman deserves in life

1. A friend who takes your side and has the guts to tell you when you’re wrong.

2. One item of clothing that instantly makes you feel twice as beautiful and half as nervous.

3. The occasional good cry, for no particular reason.

4. A man who just cannot get enough of your body.

5. At least as much pay as the guy at the next desk who does the same job.

6. A same-size friend with an incredible closet.

7. A really hot, really fast red car. Failing that, really hot red shoes you can run in.

8. The expensive toilet paper.

9. To sometimes lie back and take, take, take in bed.

10. A grandparent equivalent: wise, huggable, all ears.

11. A life in which you play the starring role.


I have been trying to update this blog for awhile now. I don't even remember where I left off. So anyways....How was everyones New Years? Mine wasn't bad. I got drunk obviously lol. I did make 2 new years resolutions though.

1. Lose Weight..This is like everyones new years resolution. I found a gym off base thats $40 a month and it's open 24 hours which I love.

2. Write in my blog at least once a day. This has been a hard one for me since I barely write in here. I have so many thoughts during the day and I really need to start writing them down.

That's it for now. I wanted to also post about They send at least 3 to 4 emails a day that you get paid for. They also have games to play on there site. You can also sign up for offers and this one is my fave..You can print coupons from on the site and when you use them in the store you get .10 cents for every coupon you redeem. I love coupons so this is why I love this site. I'm also writing about them because I got another check from them today. I cashed out at $40 bucks. I took a pic of the check as proof of payment but no clue how to black out my address. Anyone know how so I post it?? Anyways join the site for some extra cash: