Wednesday, January 19, 2011


I have had this gym membership since Friday and I've only been to the gym once. This is because I got a stomach virus. Perfect timing!!! I actually feel better now so tomorrow my diet is in full swing. I was told to take a photo of an outfit I want to fit into for motivational purposes..Here it is:

That shirt is a size large and my boobs laugh at the thought of fitting into it right now lol..It is sooo tight on me and my fat hangs all over. I really want to wear this outfit home and show everyone how hot I know I can be and how tough I can be..I'll tell you right now I've always been a very tough girl...I'm from New York and us New York females don't take shit. But lately I've been soft and not speaking my mind and letting others walk all over me. This is because of my low self esteem. So now I'm gaining my life back and I'm going to be the one walking all over them..=)

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