Thursday, February 17, 2011

Having a 3rd baby

I must be out of my mind to think I can handle a 3rd child. My daughters now don't listen to a thing I say. My 3 yr old calls me a bitch all the time and my 2 yr old is constantly beating u and biting her older sister. This house is definitly an insane asylum. Bringing a 3rd child into the picture is scaring the shit out of me. How will I find time for myself? I need to get my daughters potty trained and behaving in 8 months. Can I accomplish that on my own? We are going back to NY in June where my family is so at that point I'll have help. I'm not due until Oct 8th. I do not want to wait that long though to get these girls to behave and listen to me. When I tell them something it's like I'm not even here. They ignore me completely. I'm stressed out and need any advice you can give..


Margaret said...

Hang in there Mom, it will be ok. If your children are disrepecting you, then they must be taught not to. The key is to be consistent. In our home, our children would not dare cuss at us and my son is 17 and my daughter is 10. It's not tolerated and my kids know it. You have to teach your daughter now that it is not acceptable. Also, be aware of the language and tone that you use, your kids pick up on that and they know what buttons to push!

Mother Baby Child said...

Hey there, Jennifer. Congrats on your 3rd pregnancy. I just had my 3rd one - Max - and am loving every minute of it. You have to understand that my 1st son is now 17 years old and my second son is about to turn 12, so there is quite a gap and even though Max was not a Maxine, this is my last baby. My older two were just as precious to me, but I was a single mom and it was no walk through the poppy field.

My advice to you in to get a rewards chat together now, so that it is implemented by the time the baby is here. Use inexpensive or time together activities as the reward for your children (reading books, making rice crispy treats, blowing bubble, etc). You do these things and make a huge deal out of them (fun fun fun), so that when they swear, misbehave, etc ... they feel the loss when you have to take away the "together time" and / or "toys" depending on what they have done. "Good kids get good things, bad kids get nothing" ... they need to learn this early in life. The concept is that you have to teach people how to respect you (especially your children) and stay away from those who do not ... Use a chart to show who has been obedient, polite, cooperative, etc ... so they can see how they are doing, too. Jennifer, you do have to give respect to receive it, so it would help to cut out the swearing and showing frustration. Tighten up your schedule so that you can get the mommy time you need. You will really appreciate it once the baby comes and that little one will need your time, too. Just little changes will make you feel so much better during this blessed time where you should be happy and excited to welcome another bundle of joy. I look forward to following your blog and learning more about you. Lets keep in touch :)