Saturday, February 7, 2009

Random Thoughts

I hate night time. This is the time I have to myself. My daughters are both sleeping, the dishes are done, the house is clean and now it's relaxing time. I should be enjoying my time but sometimes I don't. This would be our time together, my husband and I. I miss him a lot. I have such a night planned when he comes home. We are going out to eat, then to a nice hotel. It's some place in Commack, NY. They have heart shaped jaccuzis and heart shaped beds.Very Romantic. I also bought a valentines set from walmart that has two wine glasses, 2 heart shaped candles, and 24 rose petals. I figured I would tell Mike to wait in the car and I'll set everything up. I want it to be romantic and not sleazy. I don't want to have sex or fuck..We don't make love and that's what I want. It's the romantic in me. Then maybe in the middle of the night we get into the freaky sex lol. I also bought lingerie to wear for him and handcuffs also. They were the cute kind that they sell in walmart for V-Day. I guess has a joke lol. They were cute so I got them for that night also.I'll write some more later on.

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$niper said...

I will SShoot ur with :) ! I hope U enjoyment beib ;)