Tuesday, August 24, 2010


Can someone help me out with something? Every so often my left foot feels like its on fire. It gets really hot but it only lasts for a few seconds. What the hell does that mean?

I Hate Liars!!

I'll admit back when I was younger and all through high school I was a big liar. I lied so much I was pretty good at it. But as I got older and more mature I stopped lying and started despising liars. I hate liars with a passion and being an ex liar I can spot a lie and a liar real quick. So Friday night I picked up Mike from work. He tells me Saturday night he has to pull duty for a few hours. No big deal it's the Army so they do this all the time. So Saturday night comes around and 8 PM he starts showering and getting ready. He comes downstairs in civilian clothes. He does not have his Army uniform on. Now anyone who is in the military knows that you can not pull duty in civilian clothes. He swears up and down they are letting him for whatever reason. Ok, fine..So 11 pm I call him to see what time he is coming home so I can see if I should go to sleep or wait up for him. The phone rings and then someone picks up (so I thought..found out the next day his phone was in his pocket and something must hit it and answered it for him) I hear loud music in the background and people cheering and talking and having a good time. So I'm like what the fuck!! I called him again and the same thing happens like 3 times. The fourth time I call he answers and its dead quiet in the background. So I ask where are you? He says he is at work..I said I called and told him what I heard. He said he never answered the phone but like I said before something in his pocket did or whatever.. So I said OK I'm going to lay down. Next day I went to use his cellphone and saw he searched for local bars in the area. I confronted him and found out he never went to work, he went out with some guys from work. So I am pretty pissed off. I don't get why men think it's ok to lie to your wife.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Purchasing power

My husband and I were pleased to find this site purchasingpower.com. They are like a rent a center but much better. They have a variety of items you can buy and pay off through your paycheck or bank account. There is no need to remember to go and pay them, it comes out of your check automatically. My husband and I both got the 32 gb ipod touch for $32 a paycheck. My husband is military so it takes the $32 out the 1st and 15th of each month. If you check out the site and decide to buy something please use my husbands referral number:Z38637M. We get a $25 giftcard for referring people. They have electronics, appliances, treadmills, furniture, and much more so check out the site. They work with a bunch of companys especially federal jobs.

Saturday, August 7, 2010


My mom sent me money yesterday so I can pick up a few things. It was like 930 at night and I went to walmart. I went down an aisle and there was this little girls there. She had to be 2 1/2 yrs old. She had 3 bruises on her leg and she looked a little dirty. The father looked dirty also but he got off of work and looked like a mechanic. This made me sad for some reason. I didn't get the vibe from him that he beats her or anything. She was very happy and smiling and playing with him. I just feel bad that she was dirty even if it was a little dirt. He probably got of of work and was getting some stuff. It was sad but cute how happy she was.

How to feel sexy for life

As a mom its hard for me to feel sexy most of the time. It is very hard to feel sexy with spit up on your shoulder or todays lunch all over your pants. I found an article with 14 ways to stay sexy. Enjoy!

As you grow older, it’s easy to lose that spark in the bedroom. Boredom, loss of adventurousness, physical ailments, and other problems can overcome even the healthiest of relationships over time, causing a loss of libido and creating emotional distance. But keeping intimacy alive can have profound effects on your life.
Research has shown that healthy people have better sex lives. Fit people enjoy sex more and have a lower chance of dealing with a sexual dysfunction that can impair their love life. If you’re experiencing a loss of intimacy, there are steps you can take to reclaim it. Here’s how to feel sexy again.

Intimacy Tip No. 1: Stay Healthy
To keep your libido revved for lovemaking you should:
  • Exercise regularly. Your arousal depends in large part on how well blood flows through your body. Regular aerobic exercise can help keep the heart pumping and the blood flowing.
  • Eat right. Maintain your health by eating a diet low in fats and sugars and high in fiber and good nutrition. Eat lots of fruits and vegetables, plenty of whole grains, and a good daily amount of low-fat dairy products. Protein should come in the form of fish, poultry, and lean meats.
  • Sleep well. Good, healthy sleep gives your body the chance to refresh and recuperate.
  • Stop bad habits. Alcohol and tobacco can harm sexual function and can negatively affect your overall health.
Intimacy Tip No. 2: Communicate
Partners with a satisfying sex life talk to one another; those with an unsatisfying one need to talk to one another.
  • Voice your concerns. Tell your partner about changes in your body that worry you along with any other issues that bother you about your sex life.
  • Describe what makes you feel good. Your partner can’t satisfy you if he doesn’t know what you desire.
  • Don't criticize. Focus on what he’s doing right, rather than pointing out the things he’s doing wrong.
  • Talk at the right time. During lovemaking is the right time for discussing what you like and enjoy. Save your concerns, worries, and more negative issues for outside the bedroom.
Intimacy Tip No. 3: Improve Your Own Game
Try these ways to be a better lover:
  • Think about sex. The brain is an important — some say the most important — sexual organ. Get your head in the game by thinking about your fantasies and desires more often. Write down your sexual fantasies and share them with your partner.
  • Touch. Maintaining physical affection is critical to keeping a love life happy and frisky. Cuddle, hug, kiss, and hold hands often, even if you're tired or not in the mood for sex. During lovemaking, experiment with touching your partner in ways that please and arouse him.
  • Educate yourself. There are plenty of self-help books available that will give you tips on improving your sexual technique
Read the rest of the article here.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

August is Breastfeeding Awareness Month

Diapers.com 88x31

Diapers.com are having a great sale in honor of Breastfeeding Awareness month. They also have many new boutiques. "Birthday Boutique" has everything Mom needs to plan Baby's birthday, including invites, decorations, party favors and more. "Gift Boutique" makes shopping for Baby Showers, Birthdays, or the deserving Mom and Dad a breeze (site features engraved gifts, diaper cakes, customer favorites, and more).

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Also check out their new birthday shop for your babys first birthday.